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I've been studying the markets most of my life. My father first taught me about point and figure charts at about age 12. I kept my interest and involvement in the markets through my teenage years and in June of 2000, I made it official and started my professional investment and trading career at Smith Barney as a stockbroker and financial advisor. I continued to study point and figure charts, reviewing page after page of them in the Chartcraft books each month.

After learning to navigate the bear markets of 2000-02 and 2008-09 I decided to rely more heavily on technical analysis. I kept seeing Scott Redler on CNBC and Twitter talking about the 8-day and 21-day moving averages. I started learning everything I could about charts and indicators and took a more active role for my clients, managing money for them by creating a relative strength, trend-following portfolio.

My interest and use of technical analysis accelerated and I earned my Chartered Market Technician designation in February 2015, completing the normally 3-year program in just 14 months.

Eventually, I left the firm I had been with for twenty years (now Morgan Stanley) as a First Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager and immediately joined T3 Trading Group as a professional trader. I love the challenges of trading, the freedom and capability to approach the market with almost any strategy, and the incredible amount of support and education provided by T3 and my fellow traders there.

I use a combination of day trading, swing trading, and portfolio management. I focus mainly on individual stocks and exchange-traded funds, but I do utilize some options strategies as well. Swing trades that focus on timeframes of a few days to a few weeks are my preference.

To read more about my trading style click here.

I've had many great teachers over the years. And for me, learning is an endless endeavor. A mindset of continuous growth is one of the most important qualities of any successful trader. So I'm always trying to learn and improve. These thoughts, observations, lessons, and stories are my effort to engage the trading community, to help others, and to learn more myself.

Andrew Moss, CMT

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I write about charts & trading | Chartered Market Technician, Pro w/ T3 Trading Group, former Port. Mgr | simplifying technical analysis | not investment advice


I write about charts & trading | Chartered Market Technician, pro trader, 22+ years investments experience | simplifying technical analysis | not investment advice